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2004-02-22: for starters these girls arent dykes.
2003-08-21: whoever wrote that is a bitch a hardcore jaded bitch!!!thanx
2003-08-20: look! its the dykes of ravewave
2003-08-19: I want to Cocklash these girls.
2003-08-24: beird? thats so gen... frenchy, its beard.
2003-08-21: nice beird.....not!!!!
2003-08-20: i want this guy to poke my vag.
2003-08-20: actually it was his roomate.
2003-08-19: Thats the dude I beat up, haha
2004-02-22: what r u talking about. They are both hotness. - killbot
2004-02-22: hahaah the girl on the right has bug eyes LOL!
2003-08-21: do they always match?
2003-08-20: attention sluts
2003-08-20: Wow LOSERS!!
2003-08-19: These Breast feel soft.
2003-08-19: Nah those chicks are hoes Noah prob has!!!!!
2003-08-18: noah so wishes
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