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2004-05-16: metal is good. -isa
2004-05-07: Some people look good with piercings, some don't. She looks good
2004-05-07: your opinions dont matter! it's only Hers that does! shhh.
2004-05-07: Lose the metal...it's kinda teeny-bopper anyway...
2004-05-07: i think shes a natural beauty who doesnt need to mar her face to accentuate it..
2004-06-09: Superbe!
2004-05-11: oh my god sophia looks sooooo cute here!!!!!!!!!!
2004-05-07: HOT SHIT -tobstah
2004-05-03: suuure she was..
2004-05-03: she was sober at dans party
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